Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Dark Tide

I have just found out that Film Afrika will be shooting some footage for their new movie "Dark Tide". Here's what they ahve to say about it:

"Our story begins with a team of shark researchers out in the ocean tagging Great White Sharks (combination of stock footage and animatronics). Our team is lead by our hero, Kate (academy award winning actress)." I wonder who it is???

There's more:

"As they are finishing off, Tommy picks up something big on the sonar, and they go for one last shark. It is a monster and as soon as it is tagged, it turns and bumps the boat and Walter loses his footing and falls overboard. Suddenly, his bloodied corpse pops to the surface having being released by the huge shark." Original work, hey?

"One year later, Kate has left shark tagging and has set up a tourist business in Simon's Town [rad] (False Bay Yacht Club). We will also be using Bertha's restaurant as a location in our film."

If you're interested, they're shooting for 3 days between 26 July and 18 August (I'll post the exact dates when I find out; hopefully along with pictures of academy award actress: "Kate").


So the leading actress is none other than Halle Berry. And she supposedly only arrives in Simon's Town on the 5th of August. And they'll be filming at Berthas on the 18th.. so I hear. I'll definitely be bringing my camera to work from now on... in the hopes of getting some decent pictures of Halle.


  1. Wasn't this movie called "Deep Blue Sea" back in the 90's? I remember a film JUST LIKE THIS with LL Cool J.......I'm just sayin...

  2. You're probably right. Somehow, for some reason, I can't see this movie being a blockbuster hit... still great exposure for South Africa and especially False Bay.